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Series 5000 - Student Policies
Policy # 6131

The Board of Education believes that the evaluation of support staff is an essential component of supervision and decision-making regarding staff improvement, promotions and retention. The Board therefore directs the Superintendent of Schools to develop standards and procedures for the evaluation of all support staff.


All service personnel will undergo such evaluation yearly, in cooperation with his/her immediate supervisor.


         The purposes of support staff evaluations are:


         a)      To provide an objective basis for employee improvement;


         b)      To ensure that employees meet performance standards; and


         c)      To encourage and promote self-evaluation by personnel.


If requested by the Civil Service Department, the District will keep and report performance ratings of civil service employees prior to making a permanent appointment. For those support staff members who are members of a collective bargaining unit, permanent appointments will be made as per negotiated agreement(s).

Adoption Date: 9/23/2008
5000 - Student Policies