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Series 4000 - Instruction

Policy # Z5130

The Board  will review the recommended budget of the Superintendent of Schools and shall seek public input and feedback regarding the recommended budget including, but not limited to, holding a public budget hearing not less than seven (7) nor more than fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual District Meeting and Election at which the budget vote is to occur. The Board may modify the recommended budget of the Superintendent prior to its submission to District voters. Final authorization of the proposed budget is dependent upon voter approval unless a contingency budget is adopted by the Board.

In the event the original proposed budget is not approved at the Annual District Meeting and Election, the Board may resubmit the original proposed budget or a revised budget for voter approval, or individual propositions may be placed before District voters, at a special meeting held on the third Tuesday in June. In the alternative, if the initial proposed budget is defeated, the Board may adopt a contingency budget and levy taxes as necessary for implementation of the contingency budget expenditures. If the voters fail to approve the second budget submittal, or budget proposition(s), the Board shall adopt a contingency budget in accordance with law.

The District budget for any school year, or any part of such budget, or any proposition(s) involving the expenditure of money for that school year, shall not be submitted for a vote of the qualified District voters more than twice.

The District budget, once adopted, becomes the basis for establishing the tax levy on real property within the District. The District will post its final annual budget and any multi-year financial plan adopted by the Board on its website.


Education Law §§ 1608, 1716, 1804(4), 1906(1), 2002(1), 2003(1), 2004(1), 2007(3)(b), 2022, 2023,

  2023-a, and 2601-a

8 NYCRR §§ 100.2(bb), 170.8, and 170.9


Adoption Date: 9/22/2008, Revised: 10/20/2008; 4/10/17
4000 - Instruction