Policy Information
Series 2000 - School Board Governance and Operations

Policy # Z3120

Municipal Governments


It is the policy of the Board to establish and maintain a positive working relationship with the governing bodies of the municipality. The Board shall also cooperate with municipal, county and state agencies whose work affects the welfare of the children of the District, including but not limited to the County Social Service Department, the Board of Health, the Recreation Department, the Public Library, and all community emergency service agencies.


Senior Citizens


The Board of Education will consider school related programs for senior citizens in accordance with Education Law and/or Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. Such programs include special use of school buildings or school buses, school lunches and partial tax exemptions.


Senior citizens who are residents of the School District may attend athletic events without charge upon presentation of a pass. Passes are available through the District Office.

Adoption Date: 9/22/2008
2000 - School Board Governance and Operations