Policy Information
Series 2000 - School Board Governance and Operations

Policy # 2340

The Board of Education shall review the effectiveness of its internal operations at least once annually. The Superintendent of Schools and others who work regularly with the Board shall be asked to participate in this review and to suggest ways by which the Board can improve its functioning as a deliberative and legislative body.


         The Board shall set forth the standards by which it will evaluate itself, taking into account the following:


a)            The District's needs and the Board's ability to meet such needs;


b)            The District's goals for its instructional programs;


c)            The Board's relationship with the Superintendent and District staff;


d)           The Board's relationship with its BOCES; and


e)            The community's perception of Board members as educational leaders.


 All judgments are to be supported by as much objective evidence as possible. Implied in this approach is an assumption that any School Board is capable of improvement. The chances that improvement will result are enhanced if evaluation is carried out systematically in accordance with good planning, conscientious follow-through, and careful assessment of results.

Adoption Date: 9/22/2008
2000 - School Board Governance and Operations