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Series 3000 - Administration

Policy # 3100

The Board of Education shall by a majority vote appoint a Superintendent of Schools for a term of 3 years. This contract shall be reviewed in accordance with the provisions agreed upon by the parties and made part of the contract. The Superintendent shall serve as the chief executive officer of the Board and as such shall carry out the policies established by the Board.

The Superintendent is the executive officer for the Board of Education and the unitary leader of the school district. In harmony with the policies of the Board, the Laws of New York State, and the Commissioner's Regulations, the Superintendent has executive authority over the school system and the sole responsibility for its effective functioning.

The Superintendent attends all meetings of the Board and participates in all of its deliberations. The Superintendent advises the Board in policy development and general planning and assumes initiative in presenting associated issues to the Board for consideration.

The Superintendent provides data and information to the Board concerning progress and problems of the district. The Board depends upon the Superintendent for educational leadership and professional counsel in its deliberations.

In emergency matters, the Superintendent is authorized by the Board to act at his/her discretion subject to subsequent approval by the Board.

The Superintendent shall be accountable at all times to the Board.

Ref: Education Law §§1604; 1711; 2507; 2508; 2565; 3003(4)

Adoption Date: 4/8/2019
3000 - Administration