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Series 2000 - Internal Operations

Policy # 2320

In recognition of the need for continuing inservice training and development for its members, the Board of Education encourages the participation of all members in meetings and activities of area, state, and national school Boards associations, as well as in the activities of other educational groups. Board members are encouraged to study and examine materials received from these organizations as well as publications and tapes available in the Board's own library.

In order to control both the investment of time and funds necessary to implement this policy, the Board establishes these principles and procedures for its guidance:

1. The Superintendent of Schools will compile, maintain, and distribute to each Board member a calendar listing              school Board conferences, conventions, and workshops, to help the Board decide which meetings appear to be            most promising in terms of producing direct and indirect benefits to the school district.
2. The Board will reimburse conference attendees (Board members) for reasonable and necessary expenses not paid         for directly by the district (travel, hotel, meals, registration).
3. When any Board member attends a conference, convention, or workshop, the member will be requested to share         information, recommendations, and materials acquired at the meeting.

Cross-ref: 6830, Expense Reimbursement

Adoption Date: 4/8/2019
2000 - Internal Operations