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Series 0000 - Philosphy Goals and Objectives

Policy # 0000

The Board of Education recognizes that to govern effectively, it must clearly define why the district exists and what it aspires to be.  The Board therefore adopts the following mission statement to convey the district’s purpose, and vision to set forth what the district should strive to become in the future.

Mission Statement

Whitman Pride: Empowering     Learning       Growing


To foster innovative and diverse life-long learners who positively impact the world community.

We Value: Compassion, Global Citizenship, Service to Others, Relationships, Our Environment

The Board recognizes that while the vision is intended to be a long-range statement of the ideal future for the district, it still requires continual evaluation.  Accordingly, the Board will review the vision statement annually in developing the district's annual goals.

Policy References:
0300 Accountability
4000 Student Learning Standards and Instructional Guidelines

Adoption Date: 6/11/2018
0000 - Philosphy Goals and Objectives