Policy Information
Series 8000-8505 - 8000-8505

Policy # 8460R.1

1)      All out-of-country trips must  be sanctioned by  the  Board of  Education. Obtain and complete required forms six (6) months to one (1) year in advance.


2)       Federal funds will not be used for any out-of-country trips.


3)  Students involved in out-of-country trips will be expected to behave in an exemplary manner at all times.


4)       All out-of-country trips will be supervised by a staff members only of the Marcus Whitman Central School District .


5)      Reports on out-of-country trips will be given to the Building Principal by the staff member in charge within a reasonable time after the trip has been concluded.


Adoption Date: 9/1/2012
8000-8505 - 8000-8505