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Series 8000-8505 - 8000-8505

Policy # 8350R.2



A single copy may be made, for a teacher's use to aid in teaching or preparing to teach, of the following:


1)      A chapter from a book;


2)       An article from a periodical or newspaper;


3)      A short story, short essay or short poem;


4)      A chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon or picture from a book, periodical or newspaper.


Multiple copies (not more than one (1) per student in the course) may be made if:

1)      It is a poem of not more than two hundred fifty (250) words;


2)       It is an excerpt from  a longer poem,  not to contain  more than two hundred  fifty (250)



3)      It is an article, story or essay of less than twenty-five hundred (2500) words;


4)     It is an excerpt from  any prose  work  not to exceed  one thousand  (1000)  words  or ten percent (10%) of the complete work, whichever is less;


5)      It is one (1) chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon or picture per book or periodical issue;


6)     The copying is at the instance and inspiration of the individual teacher, and the inspiration and decision to use the work and the moment that it is to be used are so close together in time that permission for use would not be received in time;


7)      The copying of material is for one (1) course in the school in which the copies are made;


8)     Itis not more than one (1) short poem, article, story, essay or two (2) excerpts from the same author, nor more than three (3) works from the same collective works;


9)      It does not exceed nine (9) instances of such multiple copying for one (1) course during one (1) class term.

Not Allowed


A teacher or other staff member may not copy:


1)     To create or replace or substitute for anthologies, compilations or collective works;


2)      Works that are termed "consumable" such as workbooks, exercises, tests, and answer sheets;


3)       To substitute for the purchase of books, publishers' reprints, or periodicals;


4)      Materials inviolation of the copyright law, even if directed by higher authority;


5)      If it is the same item by the same teacher from term to term;


6)      If students are charged more than the actual cost of the copying;


7)      Without including the copyright notice.

Adoption Date: 9/1/2012
8000-8505 - 8000-8505