Policy Information
Series 8000-8505 - 8000-8505

Policy # 8290R

The primary purpose of the pool shall be to teach swimming and water safety. The pool is to be used as a teaching center. The pool program shall be essentially student directed. The goal is to enable all students to swim by graduation, if they are physically able to do so.


Use of the pool as a community  recreation facility  will be encouraged  as long as it does not interfere with school instruction of students. Opportunity for those interested in acquiring advanced skills will be provided after the basic instruction classes have been scheduled.


Health and Safety


1)      All  students  using  the  pool  will  be  subject  to  a  health  examination   if  requested  by  the administration. Participation will be subject to the results of this examination.


2)       Following an extended illness or injury, written permission must be obtained from a physician

()   before swimming is resumed.

3)      All students must report any organic defects, disease, or lesions of the skin to the swimming instructor.


4)      With  the  exception  of  periodical  excuses,  only  written  excuses  from  a  physician  will  be accepted.


5)      All students excused from actual swimming will report to class.


6)      First aid supplies, and persons trained to administer them, should be available during all aquatic activities.


Pool Procedures


1)      Persons using the pool are not permitted to:


a. Wear any type of jewelry, bandage or Band-Aid, chew gum or eat in the pool area;


b. Run, push, or play tag in the pool area;


c. Do any dive other than a forward dive into the deep end of the pool;


d. Dive in shallow end of pool;


      Engage in "horseplay" in the locker rooms; or

f.       Have glass items in the locker or pool area.



Bobby pins will not be worn in the pool.



All swimmers are to stay clear of the diving boards.



One person at a time on the diving boards.



All groups using the pool are encouraged to use the buddy system.



All non-swimmers will restrict their activities to the shallow end of the pool.





Any youngster under nine (9) years* of age must be accompanied by an adult.



*Brownie or Cub Scout Troops




1)      Personal equipment such as masks, fins, goggles, etc., are permitted in the pool area.


2)       All equipment shall be returned to the instructor when the swimmer is through using it or at the end of each class period.


3)      No objects or materials of any nature shall be thrown into the pool at any time except during a period of instruction and then only by the instructor or on his/her directive.


4)       All doors will be checked and locked at the end of each class period.


5)      All students will enter and leave the pool area by way of the locker room entrance.


Emergency Procedures


1)               In an emergency when help is needed, the instructor shall contact the school office through the inter-communication system.


2)       Office personnel shall be instructed to handle incoming calls from the pool without delay. They will take precedence over all other calls on the communication system.



Itshall be the responsibility of the Pool Director to enforce the rules and regulations of the Board of Education governing use of the swimming pool when outside groups use the pool.


Supervision of the Swimming Pool


1)     The instructor on duty will have authority over all rules and regulations listed.


2)      A  lifeguard on  duty  must  never  go  into  the  water  except  to  rescue  a  person  or  when demonstrating various swimming strokes or related activities.


3)       Outside groups using the pool must provide certified lifeguards, or the District will provide approved lifeguards.




Adoption Date: 9/1/2012
8000-8505 - 8000-8505