Policy Information
Series 8000-8505 - 8000-8505

Policy # 8210R

Every teacher, student and visitor is required to wear industrial quality eye protective devices whenever he/she is participating or observing in an instructional or experimental program in a shop or laboratory involving:


1)      Hot solids, liquids, or molten metals;


2)      Milling, sawing, turning, shaping, cutting, or stamping any solid materials;


3)      Heat treatment, tempering, or kiln firing of any metal or other materials;


4)      Gas or electric arc welding;


5)      Repair or servicing of any vehicle;


6)      Caustic or explosive chemicals or materials.


Eye safety devices within the meaning of this regulation  shall  include face shields, goggles, safety glasses, welding helmets, hoods and other specialized equipment meeting the standards of the American  National Standard  Practice  for  Occupational  and Educational  Eye  and  Face Protection, Z87.1, promulgated by the American National Standards Institute, Inc.


All safety devices are to be properly repaired,cleaned and stored. Also, said devices must be sterilized or otherwise treated to prevent the spread of germs or diseases when the user changes.


Regulations for Specific Areas


Any  exceptions  to  the Regulations  for  Specific  Areas will  require approval  of the  Building



Technology Classes


An eye protective device as supplied by the school shall be worn over the eyes at all times by students, teachers, and visitors except for the following situations:


1)      During chalkboard lessons.


2)      While student is drawing or planning at an approved planning station.


3)      While  welding,  brazing,  or  torch  cutting  at  which  times  other  special  eye  and  face protection is mandated.

Elementary Schools


Teachers and students  must wear an eye protective  device during lessons and demonstrations involving any situation coming under those listed in the general regulations.


Science Department


1)      The eye protective device will be worn at all times by students in chemistry labs.


2)      The eye protective device will be worn by all students in all other laboratory situations where:


a.       The heating of solutions is part of the lab.

 b.       The handling of acids or caustic solutions is part of the lab.

 c.       Cutting, bending, or breaking of glass tubing or plate is part of the lab.


3)      All teachers will wear eye protective devices in any situation where:


a.       Any of the above situations are being demonstrated by a teacher for a class. b. A teacher is supervising a class participating in any of the above activities.

4)       Physics- when working with liquid nitrogen.

Adoption Date: 9/1/2012
8000-8505 - 8000-8505