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Series 4000 - Instruction

Policy # 5411

Purchasing Authority


The District's purchasing activities will be part of the responsibilities of the Business Office, under the general supervision of the Purchasing Agent designated by the Board of Education. The Purchasing Agent is authorized to enter into cooperative bidding and cooperative purchasing arrangements to meet the various needs of the District. No contracts for goods and services shall be made by individuals or organizations in the school that involve expenditures without first securing approval for such contract from the Purchasing Agent.


Except as authorized by law, no Board member or employee of the School District shall have an interest in any contract entered into by the School District.


Purchasing Process


The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to ensure the development of procedures for the procurement of goods and services not required by law to be made pursuant to competitive bidding requirements. These goods and services will be procured in a manner so as to:


a)      Assure the prudent and economical use of public moneys in the best interest of the taxpayer;


b)      Facilitate the acquisition of goods and services of maximum quality at the lowest possible cost under the circumstances; and


c)      Guard against favoritism, improvidence, extravagance, fraud and corruption.


These procedures shall contain, at a minimum, provisions which:


a)      Prescribe a process for determining whether a procurement of goods and services is subject to competitive bidding and if it is not, documenting the basis for such determination;


b)      With certain exceptions, provide that alternative proposals or quotations for goods and services shall be secured by use of written request for proposals, written quotations, verbal quotations or any other method of procurement which furthers the purposes of General Municipal Law Section 104-b;


c)      Set forth when each method of procurement will be utilized;


d)      Require adequate documentation of actions taken with each method of procurement;


e)      Require justification and documentation of any contract awarded to other than the lowest responsible dollar offer, stating the reasons;


f)      Set forth any circumstances when, or the types of procurement for which, the solicitation of alternative proposals or quotations will not be in the best interest of the District; and


g)      Identify the individual or individuals responsible for purchasing and their respective titles. Such information shall be updated biennially.


Any unintentional failure to fully comply with these provisions shall not be grounds to void action taken or give rise to a cause of action against the District or any District employee.


         The District will develop administrative regulations to establish procedures for the procurement of goods and services.




Education Law Sections 1604, 1709, 1950, 2503, 2554 and 3602

General Municipal Law Articles 5-A and 18

General Municipal Law Section 119-o




Adoption Date: 6/9/2014
4000 - Instruction