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Adoption Date: 9/24/2008, Revised: 10/20/2008
8000-8505 - 8000-8505


The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to further the District's educational goals through the use of appropriate and high quality technology.


Continuing advances in technology are bringing about changes that have an increasing impact on the way we obtain, process, evaluate and use information. Therefore, the District is committed to:


a)            A comprehensive staff development program to ensure appropriate and effective use of technology.


b)            The preparation of students to utilize multiple types of technology.


c)            The integration of technology within and across all curriculum areas.


d)            The equitable distribution and access to technological equipment and materials for all students.


e)            The promotion of technology as an alternative to traditional methods of gathering, organizing and synthesizing information.


f)              The provision of sufficient funds, within the budgetary constraints of the Board, for the implementation of technology instruction.


The Board directs the Superintendent or his/her designee to assess the technological needs of the District's instructional program, research and review current materials and make recommendations to the Board.