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Adoption Date: 9/23/2008
6000 - Fiscal Management


The Board of Education acknowledges its responsibility to protect the educational climate of the District and to promote responsible student behavior. Accordingly, the Board delegates to the Superintendent the responsibility for assuring the implementation of a Code of Conduct for the Maintenance of Order on School Property, including school functions, which shall govern the conduct of students as well as teachers, other school personnel, and visitors.


School property shall mean in or within any building, structure, athletic playing field, playground, parking lot or land contained within the real property boundary line of a public elementary or secondary school; or in or on a school bus as defined in Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 142. A school function shall mean a school-sponsored or school-authorized extracurricular event or activity regardless of where such event or activity takes place, including any event or activity that may take place in another state.


The Board shall further provide for the enforcement of such Code of Conduct, which shall be developed in collaboration with student, teacher, administrator, and parent organizations, school safety personnel and other personnel and shall incorporate, at a minimum, those components addressed in law and enumerated in Policy #3410 -- Code of Conduct on School Property. Specific components may vary as appropriate to student age, building levels, and educational needs.


In accordance with the Code of Conduct on School Property, areas addressing student conduct and behavior will further utilize the following strategies in promoting acceptable student behavior:


         a)   A bill of rights and responsibilities of students that focuses upon positive student behavior, and is publicized and explained to all students on an annual basis;


         b)   A Code of Conduct for student behavior setting forth prohibited student conduct and the range of penalties that may be imposed for violation of such Code, that is publicized and disseminated to all students and parents/guardians on an annual basis pursuant to law;


         c)   Strategies and procedures for the maintenance and enforcement of public order on school property that shall govern the conduct of all persons on school premises, in accordance with Education Law Section 2801 and accepted principles of due process of law;


         d)   Procedures within each building to involve student service personnel, administrators, teachers, parents/guardians and students in the early identification and resolution of discipline problems. For students identified as having disabilities, procedures are included for determining when a student's conduct shall constitute a reason for referral to the Committee on Special Education for review and modification, if appropriate, of the student's individualized education program;


         e)   Alternative educational programs appropriate to individual student needs;


         f)   Disciplinary measures for violation of the school policies developed in accordance with subparagraphs b) and c) of this paragraph. Such measures shall be appropriate to the seriousness of the offense and, where applicable, to the previous disciplinary record of the student. Any suspension from attendance upon instruction may be imposed only in accordance with Education Law Section 3214; and


         g)   Guidelines and programs for in-service education for all District staff to ensure effective implementation of school policy on school conduct and discipline.




Education Law Sections 2801 and 3214

8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Section 100.2(l)(2)

Policy References:
Refer also to Policy #3410 -- Code of Conduct on School Property
District Code of Conduct on School Property

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