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Adoption Date: 9/23/2008, Revised: 3/12/2012; 06/08/2015, 12/12/2016
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To graduate from the District, a student must meet or exceed the requirements set forth in Part 100 of the Commissioner's regulations. The Board may establish graduation requirements that exceed the minimum standards set by the Board of Regents. The District will award the appropriate diploma, credential, or both to students.

Pathways to Graduation

Students must pass the required number of Regents examinations or approved alternative exams and meet any further graduation requirements; these requirements may include passing an approved pathways assessment, other assessment, or an additional exam that measure an equivalent level of knowledge and skill. Students who fail certain Regents examinations may appeal the result in accordance with Commissioner's regulations.

Early Graduation

 A student may be eligible for early graduation (fewer than eight semesters) if the student completes all requirements for graduation, excluding physical education. The District will consult with appropriate personnel, the student, and persons in parental relation, and consider factors such as the student's grades, performance in school, future plans, and benefits to graduation early in making its decision.

 Accelerated Programs

 Eighth Grade Acceleration for Diploma Credits

  Eighth grade students may take appropriate high school courses. The Superintendent or designee will determine whether an eighth grade student is eligible to take high school courses using criteria that examines each student's readiness. By the end of seventh grade, accelerated students must receive instruction designed to facilitate their attainment of the state intermediate learning standards in each subject area in which they are accelerated.        

 Advanced Placement

   Advanced Placement examinations afford students the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing in many colleges and universities. The College Board administers a variety of AP examinations in May of each year. The District will determine a student's readiness for enrollment in any AP class.  Dual Credit for College Courses (College Grade is not included in HS GPA) Students who have demonstrated intellectual and social maturity may choose to matriculate
at any one of the colleges that have a cooperative agreement with the District. Students who wish to enroll in college-level coursework must meet all academic, grade level, and coursework requirements. These opportunities may include early admission to college, collegiate-level work offered in the high school, or other means of providing advanced work. The administration will review and approve any college courses before they are taken during the school day. The Board will not pay tuition and other related costs for those high school students enrolled in college courses.       

 Online Coursework

          The District may offer students the ability to complete general education and diploma requirements for a specific subject through online instruction or blended coursework that combines online and classroom-based instruction.

          To receive credit for such online coursework, students must successfully complete an online or blended course and demonstrate mastery of the learning outcomes for the subject by passing the Regents exam and/or other assessment in the subject area. 






8 NYCRR Sections 100.1(i), 100.2(f) and 100.5

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