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Adoption Date: 9/22/2008, Revised: 10/20/2008
4000 - Administration




The Board of Education recognizes that student growth, District progress, and community satisfaction are all affected by the performance of the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent cannot function effectively without periodic feedback about his/her performance. Therefore the Board recognizes its responsibility to evaluate the Superintendent.


The Superintendent shall be evaluated annually in executive session in order to appraise his/her performance as the Chief Executive Officer of the Marcus Whitman School District. The evaluation will reveal the Superintendent's strengths, weaknesses, and progress toward mutually agreed upon goals. The evaluation process is intended to provide highest quality leadership for the school system.


The formal performance procedures shall include written criteria, a description of the review procedures, provisions for post-conferencing, and methods used to record results of the evaluation. The Superintendent shall be granted the opportunity to respond to the evaluation in writing.




a)    Evaluation of the Superintendent will be based on an assessment of the successful fulfillment of his/her responsibilities as outlined in his/her job description. Both the Board and the Superintendent will retain the flexibility needed to respond to District needs.


b)     Each Board Member completes the form and gives it to the Board President. Since one of the major reasons for the evaluation is to help the Superintendent grow in the performance of his/her job, specific suggestions and illustrations should be made. The strong points of the Superintendent also should be acknowledged.


c)     A designated Board member then compiles a summary on one form, so there is a composite evaluation, not nine different ones.


d)    Before approval, Board Members will be given an opportunity to react in the absence of the Superintendent. A copy of the composite evaluation will be given to the Superintendent within ten days following the evaluation executive session.


e)    The Superintendent may at his/her option, officially react to the final evaluation in writing. Both the evaluation and the official reaction will then become a part of the Superintendent's permanent personnel file.




8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Section 100.2(o)(2)(v)