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Adoption Date: 9/22/2008, Revised: 6/9/2014; 09/12/16, 4/10/17
3000 - Administration



All visitors will be required to report to the Main Office upon arrival and state their business. Visitations to classrooms for any purpose require permission in advance from the building principal in order to allow teachers the opportunity to arrange their schedules to accommodate these requests.  The purpose of a visit may require approved volunteer status.  Please refer to policy 3150


The public is encouraged to visit schools for such occasions as building open houses, assemblies, plays, athletic events, award ceremonies, and other such programs.


School Visits


Parents are encouraged to visit the schools. All visitors must report to the school office upon entering and leaving the building. Visits must be approved in advance and scheduled by the building principal. No visitor may be present in the classroom during instructional periods without the expressed consent of the school principal or administrator in charge of the school.

When individual Board members visit the schools, they must abide by the regulations and procedures developed by the administration regarding school visits.


School Grounds will be off limits to community during school hours for the safety of students and staff.  




Education Law Section 2801

Penal Law Sections 140.10 and 240.35