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Adoption Date: 4/8/2019
2000 - Internal Operations


The Board of Education is responsible for adopting and assessing the effectiveness of the written policies by which the district is governed. The Board recognizes that written policies are essential to district governance in that they:


  • Govern effectively and efficiently across time, situations, and individuals.
  • Provide the foundation and guidance for administrative action.
  • Publicize the federal, state, and local rules that govern the district.
  • Help to evaluate progress by including measurable outcomes.



The Board is committed to developing written policies which:

  • Clearly define the district’s goals and objectives and reflect the Board’s vision.
  • Define roles and responsibilities and identify who is responsible for what.
  • Provide the Superintendent and district staff with clear guidance regarding expected district administration.
  • Allow for flexibility that is needed for day-to-day operations.
  • Include measurable outcomes.

Any member of the Board, district staff, students, parents, district taxpayers or other member of the public may identify policy issues. Such issues shall be identified to the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall be responsible for submitting policy issues to the Board for consideration and for keeping a record of all policy initiatives submitted to the Board.

Before acting on any proposed policy, the Board will assemble the relevant facts, receive recommendations from individuals and groups who will be affected by the policy, and discuss, debate and decide on the substance of the policy in open meeting. The Superintendent shall be responsible for identifying the individuals and groups who will be affected by the policy. At a minimum, the Superintendent shall seek input on all policy initiatives from the following: Administrators and Policy Committee.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for preparing a written draft of all proposed policies. When reviewing the contents of a proposed policy, the Board will consider whether the proposed policy:

  • Is within the scope of the Board’s authority.
  • Is consistent with state and federal law and the state and federal Constitutions.
  • Supports the district’s goals and objectives.
  • Reflects good practice (e.g., educational, personnel, business, etc.).
  • Is reasonable and not arbitrary or discriminatory.
  • Adequately covers the subject.
  • Is consistent with the Board’s existing policies.
  • Can be administered in a practical, cost effective manner.


Once a proposed policy has been drafted, it shall be placed on the Board’s agenda for a first reading, giving all persons interested in it an opportunity to express their views. The Board will not take any official action on any policy on first reading, unless a majority of the Board decides that it is necessary to do so.

If the draft policy is acceptable or if it is not acted upon out of necessity after the first reading, the draft policy will be placed on the Board’s agenda for a second reading, at which time the Board will officially act.

The Superintendent shall consult with the school attorney, as necessary, prior to the adoption or revision of any policy.


The Superintendent shall be responsible for implementing all policies adopted by the Board. This responsibility shall include: promulgating any necessary administrative regulations, ensuring that the policy is included in the board policy manual, and publicizing the policy as necessary to ensure that persons affected by the policy are aware of it. At a minimum, a copy of any new or revised policy shall be distributed to all staff. Revised policies are posted in the staff portal.

The board policy manual shall be kept in the district office and made available to the public upon request.


Policy Committee: The Superintendent shall be responsible for informing the Board of any policies that are out-of-date or in need of revision. In addition, the Board Policy Committee will review the policy manual on a periodic review once every three years basis and will make recommendations to the full board regarding updates as necessary to ensure that the policies are consistent with board goals and district practices.

Ref: Education Law §§1604; 1709; 1804 (powers and duties of board of education)