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Adoption Date: 4/8/2019
2000 - Internal Operations


In order to perform its duties in an open and public manner, and in accordance with state law, the Board of Education shall hold regular business meetings once a month.

The time, dates and place of regular Board of Education meetings shall be established at the annual organizational meeting. In the event that the day appointed for a regular meeting falls on a legal holiday, the meeting shall be rescheduled. All regular Board meetings are open to the public, and meeting facilities shall provide access to persons with disabilities.

Board members are permitted to participate in board meetings via videoconferencing, in accordance with state law. Any site where videoconferencing is to take place must be open to the public. The district will comply with applicable notice requirements (see policy 2340).

In addition to the members of the Board, the following individuals will regularly attend the business meetings of the Board: the Superintendent of Schools, the Assistant Superintendent, and other specified personnel as deemed necessary.

Cross-ref: 2210, Board Organizational Meeting
2340, Notice of Meetings
Ref: Public Officer’s Law §§102; 103; 104