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Adoption Date: 9/1/2012
8000-8505 - 8000-8505


Guidelines for Placing a Student on Homebound Instruction


1)      There should be a referral from the appropriate medical personnel or the Building Principal.


2)      A copy of the official Homebound Schedule Card will be forwarded to the homebound teacher, the Counselor and/or the Building Principal, the Attendance Department and the school nurse­ teacher (if medical referral).


3)      Upon receipt of a copy of the above mentioned card, the Counselor and/or the Principal should:


a.       Contact the classroom teacher(s) for books and assignments; and


b.       Have the student's folder available for conference with the homebound teacher. The high school  or  middle  school  Counselor  should  expect  the  homebound  teacher  to  contact

her/him within one (1) week after a student is placed on homebound.

4)     Upon notification by the Counselor that a student is on homebound instruction, the teacher of the individual subject should make available to the Counselor all future assignments and tests, as administered, and changes in text materials, if any.


5)     If the student is from high school, the homebound teacher will pick up all pertinent books and materials at the high school office. If not a high school student, the teacher contacts the student's teacher for books and assignments.


6)     Upon sending out the progress reports at the end of each marking period, the homebound teacher should consult the Counselor concerning any negative comments.


7)     Periodically there will be an investigation  by the Building Principal concerning the continued need of those students with psychological problems receiving homebound instruction.


A similar  procedure  will be followed  by appropriate  medical personnel  in the case of those students who have been placed on homebound instruction for medical reasons.


8)      When a student is to return to school, the Building Principal will notify the homebound teacher and the transfer will be made.

Instructionsto be Followed Regarding Homebound Program


1)      Elementary students are to receive one (1) hour of instruction per day

Secondary students are to receive two (2) hours of instruction per day.


Instruction is only permitted on days when school is in session.


2)      Homebound teachers are to contact the home school for books and assignments.


3)      Homebound teachers must contact parent or guardian to set up time of instruction. If it is to be conducted in the home, the parent or guardian should be present during the period of instruction.

 4)      If the student is from the high school or middle school, the homebound teacher should contact the student's counselor within one (1) week of entrance date to homebound.

 5)       A separate time sheet is to be submitted for each student. Time sheets from homebound teachers

are to be submitted bi-weekly.


6)     The payroll period for homebound teachers is from the first day to the last day of each month. If the last day of the month falls, within the week, two (2) times sheets should be submitted that week-- one (1)  reflecting the end of the month and the other the beginning of the next month.


7)      Progress Reports are to submitted to the Home School Administrator at the end of each marking period the student is on the homebound instruction.


8)      When a student is to be transferred  from  homebound  to regular instruction, a final  Progress

Report must be submitted to the Pupil Personnel Services Office.


9)      The homebound teacher is responsible for returning books to the Building Principal.


10)   Regular homebound teachers are to submit time schedules at the beginning of the homebound program and as revised when additional students are assigned.


End of Year Instructions  Regarding Homebound Instruction


1)     It will be the responsibility of the homebound teachers to return all books to the same person who originally supplied the books, i.e., Principal, Counselors, etc.

2)     All homebound teachers are to submit End of Year Reports on each student indicating grade earned in each subject with recommendation for school and class placement for the following year.


3)      Permanent Record: Itis the responsibility of regular homebound teachers to provide information to update permanent records.


4)       Homebound Teachers will advise their students of  grades earned as  well as the  teacher's recommendation for placement for the following year.


5)      The high school will send copies of report cards to parents of high school students and special education upper grade high school students who have been on homebound instruction.


6)      Regular homebound teachers are to meet with the Building Principal maintaining the open

     homebound registers to coordinate all closing data.