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Adoption Date: 6/9/2014
5000 - Non-Instructional/Business Operations


A new facility of the District will be named as soon as feasible after its construction has become a financial reality, the site has been selected and the architect appointed. The Board may, at its discretion, rename an existing facility.


         The Superintendent and Board of Education shall select a committee whose purpose shall be to solicit and submit two nominations of names for a facility and an explanation for each nomination to the Board. The Board of Education will make the final decision regarding the naming or renaming of a facility.


         An appropriate building plaque or other suitable memorials may also be authorized by the Board.


Committee Composition


         The Board of Education shall appoint members to an Advisory Committee as follows:


         a)      One administrator;


         b)      One teacher;


         c)      Two students; and


         d)      Two community members


Board Resolution


         The Board of Education shall, by formal resolution, name the facility.


Plaque Dedication


         In recognition of the efforts of those involved in planning and construction of a new facility, a plaque containing the following information may be located in an appropriate place in the facility:


         a)      Facility name;


         b)      Board approved construction date;


         c)      Completion or dedication date;


         d)      Name of the Board of Education members as of the Board approved construction date in the following order:


1.      President


2.      Vice President


3.      Members (alphabetically)


         e)      Superintendent as of Board approved construction date; and


         f)      Architect and contractor names.


         Formal dedication of the facility shall take place on a date and time specified by the Board of Education.


         The administration shall establish guidelines for the naming or renaming of any District building or facility.