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Adoption Date: 1/13/2014
5000 - Non-Instructional/Business Operations




The Board of Education recognizes the importance of providing transportation services to students who reside in the District.  Transportation services are provided by the District based on safety, efficiency and equitable service to all.  The Director of Transportation is responsible for administering the transportation program.

 Location of Bus Stops – The Transportation Supervisor is responsible for establishing bus stops for students attending Marcus Whitman and eligible non-public students who reside in the district. Consideration should be given to the distance the buses must travel between stops. The primary concern when locating any stop must be the safety of the pupils. Secondarily, the efficiency of the route will depend, to some degree, on the frequency of the bus stops. Frequent stops add to the time required to complete a route, create more traffic hazards, and may result in a greater potential for bus fatalities. The use of Cluster stops maybe used to increase efficiency.


Bus Stops: Bus stops will be determined by the Transportation Supervisor yearly. Students may be required to walk up to 0.25 miles to bus stops. Bus stops will be determined to ensure safety and efficiency.



Student Bus Passes: Students will be permitted two pick up/drop off locations. Generally the most consistent pickup/drop off location is the 1st/primary location. A written note must be sent in daily for the student to be transported to the 2nd drop off location. The note must include students first and last name, destination name, phone number and location, bus number if known, date and the parent signature. To ensure safety of the children no changes can be accommodated over the phone.


Parent/Guardian will be required to resubmit form with any changes/updates. The form will then be approved by the building Principal and Transportation Director.