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Adoption Date: 5/13/2013
7000 - Students

7219 Class Rank



The Board of Education wishes to recognize outstanding academic achievement and shall use a system of computing weighted cumulative grade averages to inform graduating students of their class standing.


Senior Class Rank Computation


Weighted grades will be computed to determine class rank at the end of the third quarter, and the valedictorian, salutatorian and top 10 students will be identified and publicized at that time.


Ranking will be computed again, at forty weeks, following the completion of all course work.  This final ranking will be sent to post-secondary institutions, as part of the college application and acceptance process.


Transfer Students


To be considered for first and second honors, i.e., valedictorian and salutatorian, a student must have been in attendance in the Marcus Whitman School District for the two consecutive years prior to graduation.  Course grades for transfer students from grades 9 and 10 will not be included in class rank or be weighted unless from a New York State public institution.


Early Graduation


The weighted cumulative grade point average of those students who satisfy their graduation requirements in less than eight (8) semesters of high school study will be computed and assigned a class rank designation in accordance with this policy.  Students who elect to pursue an accelerated program of studies outside of Marcus Whitman shall not be discriminated against in the assignment of a rank in class, and in the corresponding selection of valedictorian and salutatorian.


Valedictorian and Salutatorian


The valedictorian will be selected after the third quarter of the senior year.  The student with the highest overall weighted grade point average will be named valedictorian and will be asked to deliver the valedictory speech at the commencement service.


The salutatorian will be selected after the third quarter of the senior year.  The student with the second highest overall weighted grade point average will be named salutatorian and will be asked to deliver the salutatory address at the commencement service.




The Superintendent is charged with the responsibility to write regulations and procedures to implement and monitor class ranking.


The policy regulations/procedures on Class Rank will be disseminated to appropriate school officials and will also be published in the High School Course Handbook and the Student Agenda (for students in grades 6-12).


This policy shall be effective starting September 2013 for all students, grades 9-11.  Courses previously taken will receive weighted grades as per the policy.  Seniors will only receive weighted grades for courses taken during senior year (2013-2014).